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Kanghua won the Excellent Enterprise award in the 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Published time:2019-08-07 15:14:51

Kanghua participated in the 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Guangxi Guilin Selection Competition with a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous quarrying wire saw machine, which received wide acclaim.

Kanghua fifth generation permanent magnet synchronous quarrying wire saw machine Power-saving Master

Kanghua Company uses the latest technology permanent magnet synchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous driver to produce the fifth generation of wire saw machine - Kanghua Power-saving Master wire saw machine, saving electricity costs is particularly significant.

1.Compared with the same power ordinary wire saw machine, the Power-Saving Master can save the electricity cost about 20% and improve the power by one grade.

2.Compared with the same effect, 45KW PSM can be used to replace 55KW ordinary wire saw machine, and 55KW PSM can replace 75KW ordinary wire saw machine, which can save about 40% of the electricity cost.

3.Permanent magnet synchronous motors have lower heat generation, smaller size, more durable bearings, longer service life and lower failure rate than asynchronous motors.

4.The permanent magnet synchronous motor has the characteristics of constant torque. It is easy to start cutting at low speed, which can avoid manually dragging wire saw to assist the starting when cutting large surface. It is labor-saving and safe.

The following are photos at the competition


Group photo of all winning companies


Group photo of representative of Kanghua and the awarding guests(middle)


Group photo of Kanghua Chairman Mao Guanghua (right) and marketing director Mo Oliver(left)